Monday, March 6, 2017

Nutmeg Puppies ...We will miss you!

Nutmeg's adorable Doodle Puppies are all heading to their new homes this weekend.  We will miss these cute faces!!!!
Hey, Do you want to share my stick? 
Just kidding!   
Maybe we should find our own stick 
Nah! Let's just wrestle! 
Let's go for a walk with our favorite feline 
Following the leader is so much fun 
as long as you stop to pick up leaf toys along the way

Whew!  That was a lot of work

I'll just keep Mr. Yesteryear Acres hat safe from the blowing wind

Cat Snuggle Time!

Don't forget your kiss


Time to run around!

Let's Go! 
Nothing better than playing in the sunshine

This is the best kind of fun

Do you want to run around with us?

Sharing is Caring 
Puppy Pile!!!!!! 
Hey where are you going?

Right behind you!

Break Time

This was a great day!

Happy Monday!!!!!!

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