Friday, March 3, 2017

The Right Teacher

We love spending one-on-one time with our puppies.  It is good for the puppies to learn a few basic commands while soaking up a little TLC. Today we worked on the "come" command with one of Nutmeg's doodle puppies.
Ready for my lesson! 
But first....

I must chase this leaf

and then I must perfect my flying skill

and don't forget I have to kiss the cat!

Now what was I supposed to be doing?

Oh yeah!  Here I come!!!!!!

Thankfully I have the best teacher

I just follow Bandit every time you say, "Come"

See?  I am an expert now!

Here we come again! 
The "Come" command is so easy to learn
when you have the right teacher!
Thanks Bandit!  I got it!

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