Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Break Fun

"Come to Yesteryear Acres for Spring Break!"  
It will be fun he said.........
My son brought home his friend who lives in Maui to spend Spring Break at Yesteryear Acres. Not only did he get to wake up to a balmy 11* this morning but just look how much fun he had.........
Let's chop firewood!!!!!

Nothing says Spring Break like chopping wood all day

This pretty much makes a day spent at the beach look awful

Why carry suitcases when you can carry tree trunks?! 
Keep on stacking! 
Making progress 
Having fun yet?! 
This went on all afternoon 
I am thinking they may just be tired tonight
Better than a day at the beach in Maui??? 
For sure!!!! 
Don't worry boys.....I have these waiting for you for when you finally come in. I mean someone has to work hard around here while you guys have all your Spring Break fun!

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