Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mud Pies Are Delicious!

Today my son and his friend spent most of the afternoon splitting wood.  I didn't get all the way to the back of the woods where they were working so I asked my son if he got any pictures. Not surprisingly.....they were all doggie pictures!  Not a single picture of all they accomplished today. I will have to take some pictures of their beautiful wood pile tomorrow.  For today - wood chopping and stacking from Trixie's perspective.....
You missed a small piece of wood right here 
Don't worry, I dug up all the earth to make sure I got it
Let me dig a little more.  I want to make doubly sure we didn't miss anything
My muddy nose proves how hard I have been helping you
That's because.......Mud Pies Are Delicious!

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