Saturday, March 25, 2017

It All Grows Back

I never would imagine our incognito Doodle Doggie "Blossom of the Springtime, you took a little more than just off the top, Goldendoodle" would garner so much interest yesterday.  I know many of you were distressed over Blossom's very short haircut but trust me, it all grows back. Even my older daughter said, "Strongly Dislike" to which I responded, it will grow back! The short coat is so much easier to manage during the birthing and nursing process.  Both the mommy doggie and her babies love a shorter coat. Doodle doggies don't really care that they got a haircut.  Their coats feel like soft crushed velvet and the doggies are quite happy to be able to skip out on the next few grooming sessions.  Life is fun with short hair!  Nonetheless, never fear .... it all grows back
Here is our sweet Truffles who got a haircut in October 
And here is Truffles today 
See? She is quite furry! 
"Heh Heh Heh, Pretty soon they won't be able to find me under all this hair!" 
"I will just let it grow and grow until it is time for my springtime hairdo" 
"Until then - pet me" 
"Snuggle with me" 
"And admire my luxurious long coat" 
"Yes, you may take my picture" 
"I am so cute!"
"And I match the leaves!!!!" 
"Hey, Where did I go?"
"I crack myself up!"

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