Wednesday, March 1, 2017

In like a WET Lion!

I suppose you could call this entrance of March, "In like a Lion" but it would be the windiest, stormiest, wettest Lion ever!  Last night was full of tornado warnings, high winds, torrential rain and nonstop thunder and lightning.  I don't think anybody slept through the night here.  Storms like that are typical for late Spring but technically it was still February when the storms began! The good news is that our pond level has been extremely low and last night's rains really helped.  We sent our very best pond doodle inspector to verify the rising pond water level.
"I am happy to report a 6" rise in our pond's water level.  We now only have 29" to go until the pond is restored to full capacity."
Thanks for the report Pond Doodle Inspector!  30 more days until March goes out like a lamb!

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