Monday, March 27, 2017

Not Lamb Like

Well here we are on the very last Monday of March.  I am not sure I believe the adage, "In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb" because I am fairly certain the Lion has been here all month. Last night's storms were definitely not lamb like! For today, nothing beats snuggling with Maple's adorable Double Doodle puppies!  No matter what the weather... puppy smiles are everywhere!
Here are Maple's Double Doodle Girls 
What an adorable bunch!
They will happily give you puppy kisses 
Just look at those cute faces! 
Good job Maple Girls!!!! 
Here are Maple's Double Doodle Boys

They were very good for their photo shoot 
Ready for my close up!  
Let's just nap right through the photo shoot
Sleepy little puppy 
Everybody loves a puppy pillow
Puppy Pillows are the best! 
Happy Monday!!!!

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