Thursday, April 13, 2017

Can I have a ride back?

The waiting game this week has certainly been entertaining.  I am fairly certain that Blossom loves being pregnant more than any other doggie and has been reveling in all the special treatment.  "Would you like cooked rice and chicken for dinner my lady?" "Oh shall we rub your belly again my dear?" Every day we all think, "This is the day the puppies will arrive!!!!!"  Every day Blossom thinks, "This is the day I will have two servings of rice!" Thankfully the puppies are moving about and we have made a nightly entertainment out of watching them all wiggle about in her belly.  Today Blossom was too tired to walk back from the pond. We turned around and found her like this......
"Can I have a ride back to the house?"
Okay. Blossom. Okay.  And shall we serve you chicken or beef for dinner?
Blossom says, "Both."

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