Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Little bit of this...Little bit of that

Today was just a busy day checking things off the list one by one. Maple's puppies are doing great with their housebreaking training.  We have been taking them outside regularly and all 9 pups are going potty outside.  Good puppies!!!!  Blossom's puppies are happily nursing and sleeping and nursing and then sleeping some more.  Blossom goes outside for a potty break about every 2 hours and then runs back inside to be with her new babies.  She is the best mommy.  We have some new Doodle puppies coming SOON so today was the perfect weather day for maternity haircuts for the mommies-to-be. It is nice to see the little babies moving around in the mommy's tummy.  We can't wait for the new Double Doodle puppies to arrive! We did manage to squeeze in enough time to take a quick walk to the pond.  The fish were quite glad to get their lunch!
Amelia always brings the best fish chow 
Sadly, there was no time for swimming today. 
Maybe tomorrow!
For now - back to work!

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