Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Waiting Game

Blossom! Blossom!  Do you know what day it is?  It is your due date!!!! What do you think about having puppies today?
Well, I am kind of full from eating the big breakfast Austin made for me.
His eggs are delicious. Why don't you check back with me after lunch. 
Blossom, how about now?
Actually, I am quite comfy right here.  I think I will just hang out in the kitchen and wait to be served a delicious dinner.  I mean after all - I have baby puppies to feed so I don't want to miss out on my scrumptious supper. 
Heh. Heh. Heh.  The waiting game is so much fun.  I am loving the extra TLC.  Maybe I will think about having puppies right when Mr. Yesteryear Acres wants to go to sleep tonight.  I am pretty sure he loves our quality all-nighters together!
ps.....I loved all his belly rubs today so I can't wait for more tonight!

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