Monday, April 10, 2017

Mommy! Can we come back inside now?!

Maple's puppies are starting their first ventures outside. The weather has been just beautiful for introducing them to the big outdoors.
Here we go puppies!  Nice green grass to play on. 
But we don't want to be in the grass 
Yeah - we want to be on your lap 
Let's do puppy pictures right here 
Isn't this comfy? 
Did you get a great picture of us? 
We are smiling!!!! 
What do you mean I have to go on the grass?

Laps are so much better! 
What does Mr. Yesteryear Acres shoe smell like? 
Alright Boys! Move on over!  It is time for the girls photo shoot! 
Hey.....Maybe the boys are onto something. 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres lap is so comfy!!!!! 
We wanna do our pictures on your lap too! 
We won't even move 
You can take all the pictures you want 
Girls -we did a great job today! 
Are we done yet?
Mommy! Can we come back inside now????
I am done 
Me too 

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