Thursday, April 6, 2017

Need Reinforcements!

In the mire of the final leg of filing our taxes, it became clear, I needed reinforcements. Did I need yet another book on tax laws? No.  Did I need additional tax software? No.  More adding machine tape perhaps? Nope.  I looked outside, longing for a nice walk, but the downpour of hail from the sky let me know that a walk was not to be. I felt my tax-work motivation start to wither away. How could I possible finish the taxes in this state? It was clear emergency reinforcements were needed. Desperate times call for desperate measures......

First I mistakenly believed that by making some Old World Raspberry Bars - my motivation would be restored. Mr. Yesteryear Acres said that looked like a delicious dessert....for after dinner! How can I wait until after dinner??? Clearly, further action was called for. 
This is the reinforcement I am talking about!
Now doesn't this look MUCH better than taxes?
I am not saying I ate cookie dough during the process but Mmmmmmmm! This sure tastes better than doing taxes!
Tax motivation.
All I need is a glass of cold milk and I am back in business!

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