Monday, April 3, 2017

Growing Like Flowers and as Sweet as Maple Syrup

Maple's Double Doodle cuties are growing like spring flowers!!
Her five boys look as beautiful as a bouquet of Apricot Carnations   
Although I think I am more of a Rose
We want to be Marigolds!
OHH I want to be a Daffodil! They are my favorite! 
Can I be a Hibiscus? They smell heavenly! 
Aren't we such pretty puppy "flowers"!? 
But what if I want to be like a ray of sunshine?
And bring sunshine and happiness to the world? 
Ohhhh we like that idea!! 
Sunshine and flowers are my favorite
Bringing happiness to others is the greatest part of being a doodle!
Maple's four girls are as sweet as maple syrup!! 
Can I be as scrumptious as salted caramel toffee? 
OH! Or peanut brittle?!
MMMMM peanut brittle!!! 
Whether you want to be a flower, sunshine, or deliciously sweet candy, we hope you have a wonderful Puppy Picture Monday that is full of happiness!
--Always Amelia

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