Monday, April 17, 2017

Let Me Kiss Your Ears

Maple's Double Doodle Puppies have really been enjoying their outside recess with this lovely Spring weather.  Recess = fun time!!!!!
It is a green playground of fun! 
What should we do first? 
Let's ask Mr. Yesteryear Acres 
I think he wants us to follow him everywhere!!!!!

"Boink!" I got lost! 
He went this way 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres is fast! 
I am on the trail! 
I need a pit stop 
Ha! I found him!!!!! 
That was a big workout! 
Maybe we should take a break 
That's better 
Wait! Don't take our Easter Bunny away! 
He needs a kiss
There there Easter Bunny.  Let me kiss your ears.
Farewell Easter Bunny!
Alright guys - I think it is nap time 
We found the perfect spot!
Happy Monday!

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