Thursday, April 20, 2017

Can I have a turn?

Mr. Yesteryear Acres did a fabulous job of mowing around the pond.  It looks wonderful.  What did the Doodle Doggies want to do in all that freshly mowed grass?  Play fetch of course!!!!!  What feels better than warm sunshine and running on a newly mowed lawn?
Oh Boy!  They are going to let us play fetch with the purple ring!!! 
It is flying past the tree line!  
Olive got it
There it goes again! 
Olive got it
OLIVE....Wait for me!
Olive got it
Olive?  Can I have a turn? 
Oh I think she will let me get that ring this time 
I'm getting closer!!!! 
Olive got it. sigh. Ummmm Olive?  
When we play tomorrow....Can I have a turn?
Sure kid....sure
heh heh heh

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