Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Does It Even Count????!!

I finally decided to take a break from being chained to a desk doing taxes all day long and I went outside where I could find a bit of fresh air and rejuvenation. My exercise tracker had been buzzing me all day...."GET UP!"  "TAKE A WALK"  "I AM DYING SITTING HERE STARING AT YOUR TAX FORMS" "ARE YOU EVEN ALIVE?"  It was obvious I needed to get some steps in. I was about a half hour into my walk when........
My exercise tracker was dead!!!!! 
If one doesn't have an exercise tracker counting steps.....does it even count? 
Zero Active minutes!  Zero Steps!   
Thankfully I have witnesses 
"She walked and walked.....she really did!" 
Guess I will just have to use the Doodle Doggie Exercise Tracking System!
Step Goal Met!

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