Monday, April 24, 2017

Maple Double Doodle Happiness!

Maple's Double Doodle puppies will all be going to their new homes this weekend.  We will miss Maple's cute adorable lovebugs!  They are the sweetest puppies that bring happiness wherever they go!
Look at this new ball to play with!
Thanks Mr. Yesteryear Acres 
That was a lot of fun! 
Hey look! 
It's Amelia!!!!!

Hi Amelia! 
We love her! 
I gave her a kiss 
Me too!
Let's go play with the new ball again 
I can't pick this ball up
Me neither
Let's go back to Amelia!
Hi Puppies!!!!
Hi Amelia! 
We missed you already! 
and a smooch for you too
I love running in the beautiful green grass
I love the way it tickles my toes
I love the hidden puppy toys!
Found one!
Another fun day at Yesteryear Acres
Happy Monday!

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