Saturday, April 29, 2017

Extra Puppy Training

Hello everyone! It's Amelia here reporting the daily doodle happenings at Yesteryear Acres. This weekend Maple's sweet Double Doodle puppies are going home to their forever families. As you may know LIFE happens and sometimes families cannot get their new fur babies on time. Now that I work for the family business I am super excited to be able to help with this problem! I am now the official trainer/boarder of puppies who cannot go home on time. Best job title ever, am I right or am I right?! Starting this weekend and through the week I am working with Maple's Black Pawprints Collar Boy, now known as Waffles. Today we started with some extra leash work...

OH BOY! Where are we going Amelia?!
Come on Waffles! Let's walk down the hill.
Good Boy! 
Very good! But let's not eat the leash as we walk 
Okay, but then can I chase your boots while we walk? 
Hahaha Oh Waffles... You are doing great!
You are such a good boy!!
I am the coolest pup in town!
Stay tuned for more training updates and photos! :)



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