Saturday, April 8, 2017

I think I will call you, "Henrietta"

I know Yesteryear Acres is a wonderful place to live.  I love it here. My family loves it here. Our Doodle Doggies love it here. All our other animals love it here. The only problem is that sometimes other people think their animals want to live here too.  This is the latest "mysterious" arrival at Yesteryear Acres.
Why Hello!   
Someone left me here so you would take care of me 
I would be sooooo grateful.
 I purr all the time and I am super lovable! 
"Can we keep her?" 
"You want to stay here don't you?" 
I think I will call you, "Henrietta" 
You like that don't you? 
Henrietta is looking for someone to love her 
Even though we already love her - we have enough Yesteryear Acres kitties 
Henrietta is declawed 
Has great house manners 
Loves to have her head scratched 
and will be someone's very best friend.
Until then.....looks like my son has a new best buddy to snuggle with!
Welcome Henrietta (TEMPORARILY) to Yesteryear Acres

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