Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Color Blue

Today's blog has been brought to you by the color Blue...
No not you Blue!  The color Blue! 
Every Spring we dye our pond blue to help cut down on algae growth and also to camouflage and protect the fish. There are a couple of very skilled herons that love to fish in our pond.  The blue dye keeps the herons away and also helps keep the pond healthy.
Here are a few of our fish enjoying their lunch time feeding.  
Time to add some protection for the fishies! 
Here comes the dye 
And so it begins 
Olive loves this part 
Hey Austin!  Look how blue it is! 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres - we need more dye! 
Coming up! 
Thankfully Mr. Yesteryear Acres didn't turn blue! 
This is my favorite part 
I love watching the dye make its way across the pond 
Can't forget the other side of the pond 
Excellent tossing of the dye! 
Looking good 
Olive is diligently working to make sure the pond is covered 
What do you think Olive Dog? 
I think it is looking good
The water patterns are so cool
I love the Tie Dye ripple effect 
and with just a little wind... 
The transformation begins 
I love watching the beauty happen! 
The blue is making its way across the entire surface 
Almost there 
The final inspections are made 
Ta Da!
Today's Blog.....Brought to you by the Color Blue!

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