Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Biscuit Eating Devotion

Everyone knows we have nothing but Tail Wagging Devotion here at Yesteryear Acres but did you know we also have Biscuit Eating Devotion?  Oh yes. Not regular biscuits mind you - but Dog Biscuits. This week Amelia has been busy grooming our Doodle Doggies.  Our Doodle Doggies just LOVE Amelia because whenever the Doggies are done with their grooming, they get a delicious doggie biscuit.  Well Mr. Yesteryear Acres came home with a new box of Doggie Biscuits.  All natural and made with molasses.  You would think that Mr. Yesteryear Acres would just test the "deliciousness" of the new dog biscuit on one of the Doodle Doggies.........
Mr. Yesteryear Acres - are you actually eating the Doodle Doggie Biscuit? 
Why yes.  Yes he is. 
Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm.  
Definitely good enough to give to my sweet Doodle Doggies.
Wait - are you sure?  What does the Bunny Doodle Doggie Biscuit taste like? 
Well it has a nice crunch 
And great texture 
Pretty good!  Back to the Grooming with new treats!
Come on Doodle Doggies!!!!!

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