Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Double Doodle Puppy Delight

Our new Double Doodle puppies are here!  Grits has 7 new beautiful standard size Double Doodle puppies to love and Peaches has 10 new beautiful medium size Double Doodle puppies to love.  Mommies and Puppies are all doing great!
Grits Double Doodle babies 
We have 3 girls and 4 boys 
Grits is a great mommy 
and her little puppies are so adorable 
Welcome little Grits Babies! 
Welcome Peaches Babies!
Our Double Doodle Peaches had her very first litter of puppies!
Way to go Peaches!!!!!
Peaches has 5 girls and 5 boys 
A perfectly even litter of cuties! 
Of course we would never forget Blossom's Goldendoodle puppies! 
Their little eyes are now open 
They are getting their first glimpse of our great big world 
Snuggling is still their favorite activity 
Nothing beats a puppy snuggle! 
Blossom's one little girl 
Puppy Picture Tuesday is hard work!
Looks like Nap time again!
Happy Tuesday!

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