Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Puppy Love

Just look how adorable our Doodle Puppies are!!! 
Waking up to these cute doodle faces makes every day a wonderful day!
Good morning! 
I am ready for my picture! 
Here are four of Blossom's F1B Goldendoodle Boys 
So cute! 
And the other 3 Blossom Boys
What a love! 
Good job boys!  
And we could never forget Blossom's Little Goldendoodle Girl! 
Thank you Blossom!!!!
Here are Peaches 5 Double Doodle Boys 
And Peaches 5 Double Doodle Girls 
All together now 
They are just little tiny things 
10 cuties to love 
It makes for a perfect snuggle time 
Thank you Peaches! 
And last but certainly not least......Grits Double Doodle Puppies!
Here are her four boys 
Big butterballs of love! 
And Grits 3 Double Doodle Girls 
Picture taking is hard work 
Thank you Grits!!!!! 
Happy Monday!

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