Tuesday, May 23, 2017

But We Don't Want To

Our Double Doodle Puppies thought that it would be really fun to make Puppy Picture Day last and last and last. Why should the cute doodle puppies look at the camera all together?  That is no fun!!!!!
Peaches Double Doodle girls say, "We will look at the camera!!" 
"But not if you put ALL the girls in the picture!" 
Peaches Double Doodle boys say, "The second you let go of us, we will do our own thing" 
From Left To Right...."I'm being good, I'm eating my brother's ear, I'm taking a nap, I'm telling a secret and I'm gonna pounce!"

Truffles Chocolate Double Doodle puppies were pretty cooperative 
While Truffles Caramel Boys said, "But we don't want to!" 
Truffles Caramel Girls were happy to nap through it all 

Grits Double Doodle Girls say, "WE ARE SUPERSTAR MODELS!" 
"Take our picture!"
While the boys said,"I will not look at the camera, I will not look at the camera" 
And, "We are outta here - PLAY TIME!"

Finally - Sweet Pea's Goldendoodle Puppies all happily crawled into one big snuggle pile and said, "Take all the pictures you want"
Happy Tuesday!

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