Sunday, May 28, 2017

Off to Louisiana!

My brother has another amazing internship this summer! This year he is going to Louisiana. Austin will be missed terribly here at Yesteryear Acres, but we are so incredibly proud of him and all he is doing in the field of Agricultural Science and Systems Management. This morning the plan was for him to leave at 10:00am - which would give him an excellent head start to his drive and leave him with an overnight hotel decently close to where he needed to be. However time here at Yesteryear Acres is a little different. 10:00am sharp can sometimes mean 12:30pm. The doodle doggies totally know when someone is leaving for a longer period of time and they just need some extra hugs before you go! Once his truck was packed (also taking a tad bit longer than scheduled) his lunch packed, and his final hugs to Olive and the rest of the Yesteryear Acres Doodles, Austin said his goodbyes to us for the summer and pulled out of the driveway around 12:30 this afternoon. We are such a close family that when one of us leaves it is always sad. I will miss you smelly little brother, or shall I really admit that I will miss you big strong, smart, and goofy young man. Have a wonderful summer in Louisiana and don't go looking for too many gators in your kayak!

Have a safe trip Austin! 

Blossom said some ice cubes might cheer up Olive. And...

A quick cuddle in bed!

Don't worry Olive! Everyone here at Yesteryear Acres is ready to give you lots of extra love until your boy comes home!


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