Monday, May 15, 2017

Picnic Day

Blossom's Goldendoodle puppies are really starting to grow and fill out this week.  They are in the beginning stages of transitioning to solid foods. Mommy's milk still tastes the best but this solid food is pretty yummy!!!!
Hey what's this? 
Mmmmm! This is pretty tasty! 
What a lovely day for a picnic 
Maybe we should eat a little more 
Picnic Day was a good idea 
My belly is full 
Ours too!  
Well what should we do now? 
I guess we should find something to do other than sitting in the food dish 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres......where are you? 
Ha ha ha....the rest is all for me! 
We found Mr. Yesteryear Acres! 
Why hello puppies 
Did you enjoy your picnic? 
You did?! 
Awwww....Good little puppies!!!!!!
Happy Monday!

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