Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Birthday Sleepover

Last night Olive was invited over for a birthday sleepover.  She loves coming to my house because it helps her to forget how much she misses my brother. At my house I have a specific toy I got just for cute little Olive dog that she absolutely loves. She runs from my car and eagerly wags her tail until I get the door open, she then proceeds to run through my house like a maniac with her toy. Maverick likes to grab his favorite toy as well and they have a good ole sleepover romp in the living room. After about a half an hour to an hour later I tell my furry kids to pick up their toys and meet me in the kitchen for a night time treat. For Olive's birthday they got the special organic turkey pumpkin treats my best friend gave me. They LOVE those!! I think they would learn to do a handstand for them! After their dessert it is time to get ready for bed. We end the night with all of the animals and myself squished in the bed, so cozy and snuggly until we fall asleep. Don't worry Olive dog! You can come over to my house anytime you miss our farmer Austin! You help me miss him less too!

OHHHH MY GOSHHH! I found my dinosaur! 

Sleepover romps at Amelia's are the best

Roughhousing makes us sleepy! Time for bed!



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