Thursday, May 4, 2017

Things I have Learned About Waffles

Yesterday Waffles and I got to leave work earlier than we have been and we were able to get in quite a few uninterrupted training hours at my house. We worked on Waffles following me from room to room, sitting, going outside, crate training, and my favorite... cuddling!! Waffles is doing wonderfully! He is sitting almost every time on the first command and in one week's time has only had one accident in the house. He is even crying less in the crate at night. I am so very proud of Waffles! I am really impressed how much he has learned already. Things I have learned about Waffles so far are....

He loves being asked who the cutest boy is 

And naps with his bunny after big romps in the yard

Cheerios are an excellent and delicious training tool

And Waffles loves listening to indie music while I write the blog :)



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  1. I love this blog. So is this Waffles Jr (aka Ego)? I just put a deposit on a Blossom and Waffles puppy and can't wait to pick him up in June. Thanks for sharing snippets of life on the farm! Trish


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