Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Farm Rescue

Last week my son Austin left for North Dakota to help a farmer get his crops planted. Farm Rescue is a non-profit organization designed to help farmers in need and this particular farmer suffered a heart attack and couldn't get his crops in on time.  My son has been farming non-stop since he arrived last week....
On the way to the huge farm
My son planted rows 1 mile long 
He has been able to use all the big equipment
The Agricultural Systems Management major at OSU was a great choice for him 
From the Classroom straight to the field 
He has been planting all day and night 
Nothing like watching the sun set from out in the huge field 
My son's view while planting late at night 
This farmer is 80 years old and came all the way from Tennessee to help 

My son took this picture just for me.
He knows I love that kind of stuff!!!!
Sunsets and farming - a perfect combination
Now that is one happy farmer!
Great job Austin!!!!!

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