Wednesday, May 3, 2017

SO Far This Week I Have Learned....

Waffles is getting more and more used to new experiences. This is GREAT, but also brings about new challenges. Once puppies start understanding training they like to see how far they can push you. Just like toddlers have tantrums to see if they can get what they want, puppies will be a little obstinate to see if they can be in charge. Puppy training is definitely a task!!! Luckily I have lots and lots and lots of experience with dogs and know how to say "hey you know I AM actually in charge" and then the sweet little puppy goes right back to "oooookayyyy Amelia.... let's walk on the leash with manners". Waffles is in every way just how a puppy should be. We have had our moments that makes me wonder if first time puppy owners think - WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO?!? And other moments that seriously just melt my heart. With all the joys and challenges, I must say I have had so much fun training Waffles so far! I've missed having all the fun training a puppy brings to the family. Waffles is a bundle of energetic loving fluff! We have taken long walks on the leash to the pond, outside adventures in the rain, car trips, crate training, fetching lessons, and sooooo much cuddling. I will definitely miss the little stinker when he goes home this Saturday!! He is one smart pup! He has learned...

We still go potty outside even when it's raining

Belly rubs are the BESSSST

Amelia likes it when I chew my toys and not my leash

Trips to the pond are super fun! I like it when the fish splash when they get their food

Naps are necessary as a puppy. They help me get ready for more learning

Sometimes I just don't want to do what you say

But when I listen I get more praise and I think I like that better

I also learned cats are friends not food!!! 

What's next Amelia?!



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