Sunday, May 21, 2017

Brown is So Much Better than Green

It seems as if Barkley felt a little jealous over yesterday's "Green Doggie" post. Barkley does not feel that green doggies should get the spotlight.  Noooooooo. The best doggies are brown doggies. Brown is SO much better than green!!!!!!!
"I went for a walk with Mr. Yesteryear Acres and found allllllllll the mud puddles!" 
"See how adorable I am with my new brown shoes?! I am such a good boy!" 
"Hey Mr. Yesteryear Acres, we can still snuggle in bed together right?" 
Well Barkley - Let's find Amelia first.  Not only is she the most reliable dishwasher in America.....she is the best dog washer too!  
"Oh Amelia..."

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