Saturday, May 27, 2017

Blossom Puppy Visit Day

Hello everyone! It is Amelia once again reporting from Yesteryear Acres. We have a very strict visit policy here at Yesteryear Acres to ensure the safety and health of our doodles that restricts visits to a very specific day for the puppies. And Today was Blossom's puppy visit day! I have to say that I LOVE puppy visit days. I just love meeting all the families and helping pick out the perfect puppy for them. It always gives me goosebumps when a family and a puppy chooses each other. Sometimes they just know who their family is supposed to be! The puppies had a very busy morning meeting new people, giving extra kisses, accepting lots and lots of belly rubs, and of course tons of cuddling! They even got extra time outside romping around and showing off their favorite toys once the rain had stopped this afternoon. We had a few puppies even show off their excellent landscaping skills and created a nice little mud pile under a beloved lilac bush. One family suggested the name 'John Deere" for the little landscaper! It was quite the exciting day full of lots of laughs and bunches of love. Once all the visits were over Blossom's sweet little puppies were out like a light! They told me to tell everyone thank you for such a wonderful day full of love! I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the holiday weekend as much as Blossom's fur babies are!

Hmmmm....I wonder who the landscaper was?


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