Monday, September 23, 2019

Grass Games and Tug of War Time

Comet's Goldendoodle puppies are so excited to go home this weekend to their FURever families! To help pass the time, the puppies played some of their favorite outdoor games together!
It's tug of war time!!
I am the strongest!
No I am!
Puppy power!!
Come closer, I am just so tired...
...JUST KIDDING! *pounce!*
Grass games are my favorite! 
We can run around as fast as we can
and take in the fresh air!
I will be the referee...ready, set, GO!
PULL! I am watching the line for the winner!
Ummm guys?! That's not how the game works...

...okay you both are declared the winner!
Yessss! We won!
This is my Champion pose
What a perfect day!
Grass games, tug of war, and...
...we get to see our families so soon!!!
YAY! We can't wait to go home with you!!!

Happy Monday! 

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