Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: A Before and After Story

It is officially Autumn! That means it is time for the last big grooming session before Winter comes. Since Ernie McDoodle and Maverick Doodle decided to take themselves swimming through the pond algae and then collect as many burrs as they could find on their trip back to the house, they had the privilege of getting groomed first.
Ernie McDoodle Before: One very smelly, very tangled, double doodle.
Ernie McDoodle After! 
I was SO BRAVE and gave Ernie his biggest hair cut to date! I mean I SHAVED him down!!! I could tell he was so happy with his new do because he was scratching with his leg during his haircut and stretching really big to make sure I didn't miss any hair on all his itchy spots. 
Ernie Says, "Look how fast I can run now!"
"Thanks Mom!"
I never knew I loved short hair!
I am still one handsome doodle!
Ernie lost 5 pounds of hair!!! He now weighs 90lbs!
When we got home, my newly groomed boys got a nice shower followed by their favorite treats of course!
Maverick says thank goodness for handmade quilts of love and lots and lots of cuddles!

Now that my boys smell like tropical coconuts and are as soft as the velveteen rabbit, I say bring on the cool nights full of doodle cuddles!!!



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