Friday, September 6, 2019

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: Adventure Doodle

Blog Three of the Ernie McDoodle Birthday Chronicles: 
Adventure Doodle
I love taking Ernie McDoodle (and of course Maverick too!) on any adventure I can find. 
From going to our favorite park
to paddle boarding
and all the little adventures we create in between
I love them all!
 And with Ernie being such a big boy now, I squeezed in a BIG adventure for the three of us this past Labor Day weekend. We had to kick off Ernie's first year of life celebration right!
We drove all the way to my Aunt's house in Montpelier, Vermont! I was worried about Ernie's first big car trip since he had previously never been in the car for longer than 35 minutes, but in true McDoodle fashion, he was a road trip champion!
Maverick and Ernie cuddled the 13.5 hours all the way there
My doodle boys were a big hit at the local farmers market
And the cafes and restaurants too! Everywhere in Montpelier they bring fresh bowls of water out for your doggies! I can see why my Aunt loves living there so much!
We climbed towers
Well some better than others...
But our view at the top was worth all the metal stairs up!
We went hiking on mountains
to the best spot on the top of the world!
Ernie reflecting on life and nature... and the way back down
We traversed over rocks
And hiked until we couldn't hike anymore
And of course the best doodles get doggie Maple Creamies!
Happy Birthday Ernie McDoodle!
I love all my adventures with you!
Here's to many many more!!



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