Thursday, September 26, 2019

Mango & Petunia Puppy Fall Photo Shoot

Mango’s Double Doodles and Petunia’s Goldendoodles say Happy Fall everyone!!! Looks like it is time for a photo shoot!
Can you believe it is already Fall?! 
We just love the cool crisp air! 
"Puppies! Smile for the camera!"
Ohhhh it’s a Fall photo shoot!
Let’s strike a pose!
Time for your close-up! 
"Say Cheese!...errr Dog Biscuits!!!"
Dog Biscuits!!!!!
Do you think we are cute enough to become a calendar?!
"Of course you are puppies!!"
Well don’t forget about us!
We want to be in the photo shoot too! 
Now it will be PAWfect!!  
Haha! I see what you did there! 
Happy first week of Fall everyone! 

We hope it has been wonderful so far!! 

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