Sunday, September 22, 2019

Two Truths

I have two truths to share about Yesteryear Acres. The first truth is - dinner is always late. Not for the doggies of course but for the humans.  No matter what our intentions may be - dinner is always late.  We never get to eat on time. The second truth is despite the fact we eat dinner LONG after it is dark, dinner is always excellent!  Even when we are exhausted and most people would be heading to bed and we haven't had a bite since early in the day, we make time for a delicious dinner. Tonight's menu is homemade pizza with fresh picked garden tomatoes and marinated grilled chicken breast.
Here is the pizza dough 
Here are the fresh picked tomatoes 
Here is our pizza oven.  Notice the lack of flames? 
Looks like another late night but I bet it will be SO good........eventually 

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