Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: Birthday Chronicles Continue

Although I find it hard picture Ernie as a small puppy and believe that he is now one year old, I have LOVED documenting his first year of life. From weekly weigh-ins to pictures of 'firsts' for my sweet double doodle boy, I have tried to capture it all! Here are some of my favorite 'Watch Me Grow' moments of Ernie McDoodle to celebrate his birthday week!
Blog Two of the Ernie McDoodle Birthday Chronicles: Watch Me Grow
First Fall
First Pumpkin
Ernie's first Thanksgiving: When Ernie and the turkey weighed almost the same!
First taste of snow
First Christmas
I remember taking this photo and thinking how big Ernie was! 
He still does this face when we try and take pictures together
First taste of peanut butter
Our first successful play fetch day
Ernie's first lost baby tooth
First 'Big Boy' trip to the vet
The first time I realized Ernie was going to be gigantic
And the last time I successfully held him in the air
My favorite picture of me and my 'little' furbaby
I really wanted to recreate that photo for his First Birthday
Ernie McDoodle at 94.0 lbs
Turns out he is indeed a gigantic moose of a doodle!
Happy one year Ernie McDoodle! I have loved watching you grow into your big paws and see you be the best boy you can be each day!

Stay Tuned for more Ernie McDoodle Adventures! (And boy do we have some good ones ;)!)



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