Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: Happy 1st Birthday!

I can't believe my sweet Double Doodle baby is one year old! I have been saving photos of my Ernie McDoodle for his birthday blog, but I simply cannot narrow them down! So buckle up for a week of Ernie McDoodle Cuteness as his photos and everything I love about him take over the Yesteryear Acres Blog. 

Blog One of the Ernie McDoodle Birthday Chronicles: Then and Now

It is so hard for me to remember Ernie McDoodle being so small! Here are some (I managed to edit down the number of photos a LITTLE bit...) of Ernie's furbaby photos 
Before I even knew that Ernie was Ernie - this little sweet face in the middle was called Mr. Blue Pawprints 
We loved each other so much from the beginning. It is hard to see but Ernie is the little guy tucked up by my face getting kisses
Who wouldn't just melt over this face!?
The day I learned that Mr. Blue Pawprints family needed to switch to another litter of puppies and my parents told me I could keep him!!!!
My Sweet Ernie McDoodle - 7.0lbs
Ernie by the pond then...
And Ernie by the pond today!
His tiny paws then
And his big ole bear paws now!
Mister Monkey then...
Monkey 2.0 Birthday present surprise now!

So much has happened in one year. We have gone on amazing adventures, have had LOTS of snuggles, and everything that falls in between! The one thing that has never changed, is how much I love my Ernie McDoodle muppet head!! And how much he loves me :) :) 

Happy 1st Birthday Week Ernie McDoodle!

Our Story is just beginning!



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