Saturday, September 21, 2019

Uncle Ernie Jungle Gym

Our big lovable Double Doodle Ernie is the best babysitter!
I am here to watch the puppies!
Gather round Comet Goldendoodle pups! 
Uncle Ernie is here! 
Let me tell you a story 
Once upon a time I was small like you 
and then I grew THIS TALL 
And if you eat all your veggies 
and mind your manners 
You can grow up big and tall too 
But for now....
have fun being little! 
Uncle Ernie will be your personal jungle gym 
Feel free to climb aboard 
Pretty fun huh? 
Everyone gets a turn 
What was that?! 
It's mom calling! 
Story time is over? 
Alright puppies.  Time to go in. 
I will tell you the next part in the story tomorrow!

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