Friday, September 20, 2019

Mister Bear is Always There to Lend a Helping...Paw!

Mister Bear is Always There to Lend a Helping...Paw!
I can't believe Mister Bear is already 2 years old! How did that happen?! He is such a special part of our fur-family and we couldn't imagine life without him. He is the most loving, goofy, and helpful doggie around! Mister Bear has learned quite a few skills to help me out around the house and is always there to lend a helping paw!
"Mister Bear, I dropped my hairbrush! Can you pick it up for me?"
Sure I can!
I just need to flip it on its side
There we go
I'll use a really soft mouth so I don't put marks in it
And your back won't hurt...
...because I will bring it up to you!
Here you go! "Oh Thank you Bear!"
"Mister Bear, it is time to go outside! Can you bring me your leash?"
Oh wait you like the handle part hold on...
...Okay I have it now!
This is my favorite leash- Uncle Austin makes the best ones around!
Here you go-now we can go outside!
I never forget to stop and smell the flowers you planted! *sniiiiiifff*
You look thirsty Mom
It is important to stay hydrated!
Don't worry, I will bring you some water!
"You are right, fluids are important Mister Bear!"
I am on the case!
Let me get the balance just right to hand it to you
Here you go!
Make sure you drink 8 glasses a day!
"Thank you for the water Mister Bear!!"
"You are such a good boy!!"
I sure am!
"I think this calls for your favorite treat- Cheerios!"
I am so good at making those disappear!
All in a day's work. Time for some cuddles and a little nap! 
You are the cutest, Mister Bear! Thanks for always lending a helping paw!

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