Thursday, September 19, 2019

Mango and Petunia Cuties!

Mango's Double Doodle puppies are chunky lovebugs!
We have 4 Boys 
2 Curly Boys plus 2 Wavy Coated Boys 
equals 4 Cute Brothers! 
Apricot Boys 
Light Apricot Curly Boy 
Light Apricot wavy coated boy
Now for the Girls! 
Mango's 3 Apricot Girls 
2 Curly and 1 Wavy Coat
and 1 curly Cream Caramel Girl  
4 Snuggle Sisters 
Staying awake is so hard 
Good job Girls!!!!! 

Petunia's Goldendoodle Puppies say, "Don't forget us!!!!" 
We have 4 boys and 2 Girls 
Petunia's puppies will all have long wavy coats 
Happy Thursday!

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