Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween and Pumpkin Carving

Happy Halloween!!! We have one last thing to do to make the Holiday complete! Pumpkin carving of course!!

Our pumpkins ready to be transformed

Mister Bear do you want to help me?

"I can help you EAT IT! hahahha!"
Not quite the activity we had in mind Mister Bear!

Now to pick the perfect side to carve

Blossom says this side is the one! Thank you Blossom!

Then we drew our free-hand designs on our pumpkins

I heard a new suggestion to use a dry erase marker instead of a pencil- so far so good!

Time to scoop out the pumpkin guts!

"Hey Dad, what are you doing?!?"

"OH MY GOSH! pumpkin carving just became WAY cooler! Okay I will help now!"

All scooped out and clean!

My pumpkin is starting to look like a Jack-o'-Lantern!

I look over....aaaaand Ben is already done

I take back what I said about the "cool new" dry erase marker technique. No. I don't like it. 

Giving my pumpkin some depth...almost done!

Meet Pumpkin Harley Quinn Skull and Batman!!!

Time to test it out with some candles!

Harley Quinn Skull- Nice to meet ya!

BATMAN- I am the night!

The super Jack-o'-Lantern duo!

Bear testing out his "ghost" costume and approving the pumpkin placement for tonight!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Eat lots of candy!

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