Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 Day Weekend

Yea!  Who doesn't love a 3 Day Weekend? 3 Days of family time. 3 Days of good food. 3 Days of celebrating the joyous Labor Day Holiday......except for one thing....Mr. Yesteryear Acres happens to believe that "Labor" day should include "Labor".  I tried to explain to him that it was actually a holiday to take a day OFF from doing Labor but he believes I am mistaken. If you took a look at his long list of "must do" items for this weekend - you would quickly realize that there is NO way all those things can be done.  I love Mr. Yesteryear Acres. I love his sense of optimism. I love his CAN DO approach to life. He is a dedicated, loyal, hardworking man. So hard working in fact, he rarely takes a minute off. My son and I are devising a secret plan to kidnap Mr. Yesteryear Acres tomorrow at O'Dark-thirty. We are going wake up Mr. Yesteryear Acres before he has a chance to get his bearings and have him join us as we watch the sunrise. We are doing a picnic breakfast and everything.  I am making the overnight breakfast casserole right now and I am pretty sure we can pull it off. We are determined to take just a few hours off from work and just enjoy being in the moment. What can make you feel more grateful for a day than watching the beautiful colors glow from the sun's rays as it wakes up to say good-morning? Wish us luck!  Hopefully tomorrow's post will be full of breakfast sunrise pictures!!!!

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