Sunday, September 25, 2011

Poopy, Weepy, Goopy, Smelly

Bad days.  We all have them.  Sometimes we get more than our fair share - sometimes less but when a bad day is upon you - it feels as though it is upon you to stay.  Today was a bad day. It started the moment I opened my eyes. No wait - that isn't right.  It started the moment I opened my eye. As in one eye because the other eye was crusted shut in what I assume is a lovely case of conjunctivitis.  Now I haven't had pink eye since I was like 12 - but for some reason, today, out of the blue, with no precipitating cause - my eye is all red and yucky and gross.  From that moment on - my day went seriously downhill.  At 11am this morning I emailed my daughters "The Top 10 Reasons Why My Morning is LESS than Stellar".  I wrote it with as much humor as I could muster given that by 11am this morning I had a good solid 10 things that had gone really wrong. Since then, I have more than doubled my list. No one wants to hear a long list of poor pitiful me stories - so I will give you the cliff notes day involved finding dog, misplacing something very important which I still can't find, ruining a batch of cookies, and finding no less than 50 yellow jackets in my daughter's ROOM swarming with a vengeance. Yes. It is that kind of day. A poopy, weepy, goopy, smelly, mad buzzing bee day. The only good thing about a day like today is I can't think of anything RIGHT now but I am sure there is something in there. Maybe I will think of it as I get in my car. I am off to go buy more bee/wasp spray.  For some reason ... we are empty.

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