Sunday, September 4, 2011

By the Dawn's Early Light

 This morning Mr. Yesteryear Acres, my son, and I headed off for our big sunrise celebration.  We left the house promptly at O-Dark-Thirty so we wouldn't miss a single second of our Labor Day sunrise. Our labradoodle Olive was ready for the big event. My son was "mostly" awake....
It was a pretty stormy and cloudy sky. We were wondering if we would be rewarded for all our early morning efforts when all of the sudden the sky filled with a beautiful pink glow.

It was a beautiful sight

The sun started rising right up into the clouds. It was a big fiery pink ball. I think I took over 20 pictures of the sun as it started heading up into the clouds. It was awesome!
Here you can see it the bottom just slipping up into the clouds above.
Then a ribbon of sky appeared as some of the clouds parted

And the warm glow of the sun started warming us all up

We sat and watched the sunrise as the birds serenaded us.

The morning was just breathtakingly beautiful

I have to admit before the sun gave us her glorious show, I was thinking how much easier it was to enjoy sunsets. I mean I am ALREADY awake. I don't need to set my alarm. I don't need to pry my eyes open. It is nice to celebrate the ending of a day but this morning definitely made me appreciate the beauty in welcoming a day.  We all felt happy and content and filled with peace. It was a really great start to our day and the smiles on our faces are still there from this morning. We are already thinking we need another sunrise celebration soon. Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son have been busy giving me their submissions for breakfast picnic menu ideas.  I never realized that homemade potato pancakes, homemade baked bread hot from the oven, maple bacon and ham and cheese omelets were typical breakfast fare for picnics - but they assure me they are indeed quintessential. Guess I better get busy figuring out how to pack all of that into a picnic basket! Looks like I am going to have some breakfast cooking coming up again soon!

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