Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gee! Oh! Me Try.

Oh yes. It is that time of the year again. Homework time. How I dread it. How I loathe it. How I.....DON'T REMEMBER IT!!!!  I have easily skated by the past few years because my older daughter would help my younger daughter, my younger daughter would help my son and I would make dinner.  Excellent arrangement!  I mean let's face it - by the time they are in AP Calculus - I am of little help.  I am a whiz at Algebra. I am even pretty darn good at Algebra II. I have to say I am excellent at Statistics. But Calculus? Um. No. So now my 2 girls are gone and I have a 9th grader in Honors Geometry. Geometry. As in the class I hated the MOST when I was in high school way way way way way back in the day. I still can remember how much I dreaded that class. PROVE ....IF A, then B and on and on and on. Ugh!  So last night my son needed help with his Geometry homework. It started with patterns. Yea!  I am great with patterns. "Oh look - you just times it by 3, divide by 2 and add 6". Simple! Yea!  Then it progressed to if you had a polygon with n sides how many diagonals can be made for each polygon. Or .... if you were to have n lines that are neither congruent or parallel how many intersecting points would there be given the n number of lines. Yes. Right. Sure. Now for all your math majors with your hands in the air saying, "Pick me! Pick Me!" please remember ...I. Am. Not. A. Math. Major.  I am not even a science major.  My older daughter is a science genius. She is majoring in Chemistry at the Naval Academy.  She isn't here. I am here. I am here drawing diagonals inside of 3 sided polygons, 4 sided polygons, 5 sided polygons and on and on until I can figure out some pattern of n(n-3)/2 type thing. My son and I worked together for hours.  I think the homework was supposed to take 30 minutes. sigh.  I am ready for tonight's assignment unless of course it starts with IF A; THEN........I am running away!!!!! GEE! OH! me try!!!!!

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