Friday, September 2, 2011

Actually - phones do not like coffee

Sooooo maybe I was a bit premature in stating my phone's resiliency with the coffee encounter. Last night as I was texting my daughter, my phone kept getting dimmer and dimmer.  The keyboard backlight seems to have lost the battle. Coffee 1. Keyboard light 0. WAH!  I even did the rice trick overnight but alas - no keyboard backlight.  The rest of the phone is in great shape. The camera works, ringtones, search engine, texting - all 100% operational.  Just my poor poor sad keyboard has to be all alone in the dark. Every time I see the dark keyboard, I feel so sad.  I did it. I drowned the poor keyboard in hot steamy sugary creamy coffee. I feel a sense of dread every time I open my phone. It doesn't stare back at me with a bright happy shiny light. It is just dark and sad. I know eventually I will forgive myself for drowning my poor phone, but for now, the pain is too raw. It is just right there at the surface.  I actually love this phone.  This phone has worked for me consistently without fail since I got it. It doesn't drop calls. It doesn't get hung up. It doesn't inadvertently call China whenever I put it in my purse. It receives my emails, answers calls, texts, tells me the weather, allows me to look up facebook. It is a great and faithful phone. And what did I do to my faithful phone? I gave it coffee. Sigh.  I guess a faithful devoted phone like that needs a friend. A really good friend.  A friend that won't leave it side. A friend that won't give it coffee. A friend that will light the way......I am thinking a FLASHLIGHT friend!!!!  YES. I need to find a flashlight friend for my phone! Then I can pretend the backlight keyboard works! My phone can be happy and shiny and all better. Now where oh where can I find a flashlight that likes coffee???

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