Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cave Man

I didn't know that I was destined to be a cave man.  Well not really a "cave man" per se but rather a person with an arm that looks exactly like the club of a cave man. After a long sleepless night my arm continued to grow in both size and hue.  This morning it was beet red and looked just like a cave man club.  I was thinking - probably not a good thing.  Turns out - I was right.  So now I am on medication which makes me V E R Y, V E R Y,   S   L  E  E  P  Y.  I feel like I am living in the bottom of a well.  I do not do very well on medication as I am ultra sensitive.  I take children's doses of things and still have reactions.  I try very hard to stay clear of all medicine but evidently my doctor said that the medication is absolutely necessary so I am taking it.  My doctor also prescribed an Epi-Pen as she fears the next time I am stung will not be a pretty sight.  Hmmmm. I am thinking that THIS time wasn't pretty. I shudder to think about what the next time will bring.  All-in-all the conversation with the doctor was quite bleak. Having survived a heart attack evidently does not go well with using an Epipen.  The conversation kind of went like this - well if you are GOING to die BEFORE the ambulance arrives, you can use the pen.  But you need to make sure the ambulance is VERY close because using the pen might kill you. Oh wow.  Thanks.  I love bees even more now.  I feel quite joyful.  Evil Epi-Pen vs. Evil Bees.  Perhaps I should relocate to Antarctica.....except I hate the cold. And the doggies aren't quite fond of frigid temperatures either. But if it is cold enough -the doggie poop DOES freeze making it rather easy to pick up and dispose of - so that is a plus! For now I guess I will continue to arm myself with 2 flyswatters, a badminton racket, a can of sudden death, and the hope that the gigantic yellow jacket hive living inside the brick wall of my house all die soon!

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