Friday, September 16, 2011

I am definitely not a city traffic girl

So today I drove into Bethesda, Maryland.  Perhaps many of you - maybe even every single one of you will be thinking - that is a very busy city.  I, of course, did not have that thought. I didn't realize its proximity to Washington, DC.  I did not realize it was a major metropolis. I didn't realize that when a light turned red - it was merely a suggestion to go slower. I didn't realize that everyone honking behind me while I was stopped at the red light meant that I was in fact to RUN the red light because red lights do not have the same meaning here.  I learned quickly that I was not a good driver for the city atmosphere.  I learned quickly that when my GPS indicated that I had 3 minutes left of my journey there would be an additional 20+ minutes of travel time because I would not be moving any faster than a snail's pace. And ultimately I learned that I am definitely not a city traffic girl.  I dare say this shall be my only venture into Bethesda. I am quite grateful for my mom who took over the driving duties and got us safely to our destination.  She grew up in New York and was a complete pro. We are happily safely in our room. Whew!  Guess who is driving us out of the city.........NOT ME!

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